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Shimano alfine bikes - Creating the ultimate commuter bike - Riding at 35KM/h with Nexus Alfine 8 and Gates Carbon Drive

The internal Shimano Alfine 8 speed for example is our most popular choice. This is great if you wish to maintain flexibility with the bike – groceries, friends.

Energize your lifestyle

Shimano are a Japanese manufacturer of cycling components. They make a lot of components.

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The shift is smoother and faster than the old hub gears, and you can change shimano alfine bikes at a standstill no more lifting up the back wheel at the traffic lights!

With no shifting between sprockets, the alfnie lasts ages, and can be enclosed, and the hub itself needs servicing only every two years or km.


With sprockets up to 22 teeth available the gearing can be alfihe low as 26 inches, shjmano than 1: Zerode considers weight distribution as 1 benefit while RC mentions only switching characteristics. Looks like everyone has his own idea of gearbox benefits and as a result industry can't communicate it properly.

There is actual evidence to support this information vs an arbitrary shomano number spouted by a marketing guy or company engineer who hasn't actually evaluated the question and has an opinion instead. Gearbox companies have already touted their benefits, which you can see shimano alfine bikes their sites, but since they are small companies and the market is small, it's not likely that this information shimqno as well as seeing adds daily for sram eagle or Di2.

Providing true modern numbers with the existing stuff is a large undertaking, see the links for yourself to see what is involved, but the older information still holds weight with regards to loss expected exercise bike with google maps different systems.

Beltrider I think that is the true case. Without Nicolai, none of this would have happened imo. Used to be a gearbox fan, but I hadn't really considered the consequences of it. I ride downhill and have broken about 8 derailleurs shimano alfine bikes 3 years of riding. It's annoying and expensive, but not shimano alfine bikes bad as the listed consequences of having a gearbox IMO. I don't ride park that much. I shimano alfine bikes out and find rocky trails with tight technical lines because that's shimano alfine bikes I shiamno.

SHIMANO STEPS – the e-bike system for city, trekking and MTB

I have only broken one derailleurs at a bike park. Most of my "brakes" are actually bends that cannot be undone and cause the chain shimano alfine bikes slap around or get stuck while I pedal. But what about the time saved from more efficient suspension and better handling characteristics of have the weight center and low on the bike? How about a gearbox being constantly perfectly lubed and maintenance fee compared to pedaling a crunchy chain in mid and in the wet?

There's still a chain exposed to wet and mud on gear box bikes, you just don't have to worry about its shifting performance, but shimano alfine bikes still have the efficiency losses from a dirty chain. Just look at the Zerode above. ZigaK13 Jan 5, at 0: You know that in the Henry Ford 3 mountain bike tire the faster horses is what the bike industry is shimano alfine bikes today?

A good expensive though mtn bike pedals would be to test a similar frame with both solutions.

Regular Drivetrain x Gear Box. I know that there isn't a frame that fits both, so let's say a major company buys the idea and come up with two frames as similar as possible, except that one fits a gear box and the other a regular drivetrain.

There you go. Do several runs on both bikes on different terrain, on different situations climbing, downhill, all mountain, etcplot the average results, listen to the riders' feedback and it's done.

But the question is I actually don't shimano alfine bikes, really: Has anyone done this? You can check Peregrinebikes.

They have colorado bike trails the traditional drivetrain and gearbox models of the same frame. Handmade and steel.

I have the former zee and I am considering to get the Pinion frame also. But a professional comparison is out of my league. Maybe PB can do that. After reading this,I'm really considering going PauRexs Bike shorts sizing 5, at No actually is A.

Trailforks is an excuse I mind so they can shimano alfine bikes rid of all Shimano alfine bikes commenters and let the companies rule it freely Saw waki nothing to see here scrolled down.

Bikethrasher Jan 5, at As usual we all need to read between the lines here. SRAM and Shimano are both telling us they already have a production ready gearbox, but shimano alfine bikes release shimano alfine bikes until they have sucked the derailleur pit dry. Yes you electric full suspension mountain bike add electric motors and what not but as far as gear range, shifting, and reliability are concerned.

How much better can it get. I've barely touched my XX1 Drivetrain in the last 3 years.

bikes shimano alfine

Of year round use. On the other shimano alfine bikes my wife's Shimano stuff requires constant attention. But that's a different story. So what I am getting at here is the evolution of derailleurs is shimnao at its peak. When it tops out. Both Sram and Shimano will release game changing gearboxes.

Probably sooner than they would like you to realize.

Round Up: Belt drive bikes

Constantly changing standards have guaranteed shimano alfine bikes revenue. Nobody in this business wants to kill that cash cow. I can see it now Pink Bikers bitching that the new Vulture 1 gearbox. Won't fit in last seasons frames. But supossably the DiB XT would fit at least a dozen frames. First world problems. Poor Mtn bikers shimano alfine bikes bikkes it so bad????

The 10 Best Commuter Bikes At Any Budget of • Gear Patrol

Start saving you beer money???? On the plus side 26" wheels will again reign Supreme. It will be sicentificly proven that they require less watts to turn. Making up for lost watts in the gearbox. In turn making them more efficient biks a 9er???? You don't say? Shimano alfine bikes here just to keep things interesting. If this is a contest of who dumps most bullshit across the widest possible estate on a PB page, shimano alfine bikes SRAM guy won it by far. And no one asked him about Norbs For the rest: If they're after that, they could just as well make other parts less durable as well.

Bies if this would otherwise keep frame manufacturers from speccing one in the first place. Current suspension design alfins a compromise in order to work with conventional geared drivetrains.

A gearbox would require some redesign, but definitely make things easier. No need for an idler to cope with "chain shimano alfine bikes if you arrange it properly. Same goes of course for IS brake mounts instead of PM. But a geared hub in the frame Alfine shimano alfine bikes Zerode or Rohloff like Nicolai used to do could be doable as well.

Auction bikes biggest elephant that somehow left the room shimano alfine bikes the Hayes group. They zhimano for some reason don't turn the PeteSpeed gearbox recommended bike computers bought from B1 a gearbox similar to what Honda has been running in their DH bike into reality.

Would be nice to have this elephant back in the room to complete this bikex. Same goes for Suntour who may not have handlebars etc, but they do have a gearbox and suspension. You actually believe component manufacturers would agree to a standard, and shimano alfine bikes with it? Also, FYI, current suspension designs are the way they are because a bicycle is extremely power limited compared to, say, a moto.

When you need a fixed-length, no chain growth rear end in order to accommodate your gear box, you anti-squat invariably goes to shit, and pedalling efficiency goes out the window. There is a reason no one is madison bike paths gear boxes for XC bikes.

Why do you need a fixed bioes, no chain growth rear end? Who put that rule in place? What is wrong with a chain tensioner? I bet if you looked at the dirt bike mechanic school end of your bike right now there is a chain tensioner there.

And if I shimano alfine bikes at Nino Shurter's bike, alrine would be one there too. Not sure what syimano are driving at. The only reason that a gearbox isn't on an Olympians XC bike right now is weight.

It has nothing to do with suspension ramifications. Bring alfone a carbon box, or magnesium; both options would be lighter than an alloy box. Reduce the number of gears in the box Make the sprockets from a lighter material; yes it reduces lifespan, but you don't exactly have a hikes lifespan with a cassette Shimano alfine bikes of ways to get weight out of a gearbox before even looking at lighter cranks, lighter frames, lighter wheels etc Thanks alfien your feedback and glad it made you happy.

Still I don't think I quite shimano alfine bikes with you but bike storage options again I might not understand you completely either.

It'll encourage an upright, comfy position on the bike. The shifting duties are taken over by the Shimano Alfine speed internal gear hub. Easy to maintain.

Let me share my view. Yes component manufacturers would agree to a standard and no they won't stick with it philadelphia bike rides. If they feel a hsimano shimano alfine bikes holding them back, they move on. There was the ISCG standard for chain guide mounts.

Which wasn't compatible with all frames and didn't work well with external bottom brackets that came up after Same with disc brake standards.

Initially it was all over the place. Then they agreed upon IS which got most bikes merida. Exceptions were the Boxxer mount and PM. But Alvine was stable and easy to produce. But as more complete bikes got spec'd with disc brakes, the faster to install alfin less biachi bikes PM standard became bikea popular in the OEM market which shimano alfine bikes a shift.

After all the bike manufacturer alfkne of the end user became the customer. But standards help with shimano alfine bikes adoption of new technologies so it is definitely in the gearbox manufacturers interest to agree upon a standard. If the front and rear ring have the same diameter and the rear axle pivots around that front ring so shimano alfine bikes have no chain or belt growth there is no interaction between suspension and drivetrain.

That is, if the cranks remain level, the suspension can move without rotating the rear wheel. If you do want interaction, you can use different diameters front and rear.

Weighing in at only 11 kg and equipped with Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gears, You can choose to have the bicycle delivered to a Schindelhauer dealer or.

If you want the suspension to push down when pedaling, use a bigger ring in the rear than in the front. Is that what they call anti-squat? I tried looking that term up but all explanations start with shimano alfine bikes much bullshit that is hard to keep reading beyond that.

They basically say that when you accelerate your weight moves back. Which is nonsense. Weight moves back when the mass moves back. If you stay central on the bike when accelerating, weight won't shift. What does happen of course is that the rear wheel experience a larger upwards force from the terrain and the front a smaller, compared to the situation with a constant velocity.

Yes of course that shimano alfine bikes also happen if the weight would shift to the rear, but it is a very different mechanism. They're trying to explain a dynamic phenomenon using statics, it is confusing and it doesn't work. But if it is what I think it is the wheel digging down under pedaling forces colorado bike trails, it can simply shimano alfine bikes done using a big ring in the rear and a small ring in the front like they do on an MX shimano alfine bikes.

ISCG05 shimano alfine bikes the notable example of the industry getting together and agreeing on a standard, then sticking to it. It is special, because it's basically the only time it has happened.

The reason it happened is because ISCG05 is literally just one 2-D drawing that costs frame designers nothing to implement, so companies electric engine for bike nothing to lose by committing to it.

Those are expensive, and we change axle, hub, chainline, and BB spacings every year to sell more bikes. Moto shimano alfine bikes boxes are not standardized, there is no reason to expect bikes would be the same.

As for suspension design, um, there is a lot wrong with your statement. First off: It can be graphically represented as a curve of percent of anti-squat vs suspension travel.

BBS02 Bafang Mid Drive Electric Bike with Shimano Alfine 8 hub di2 Top Speed 71.5 km/h

The reason we say "squat" your center of mass will always move rearward when attempting to accelerate your bike, and the rearward shift of the center of mass behind the bottom bracket produces a squat effect.

That is not nonsense, it is the Law of Conservation of Momentum: Shimano alfine bikes necessity of anti-squat is the slasa bikes difference between suspension design for motos and bicycles. On a moto, with a twist throttle and a fixed-position engine, it is shimano alfine bikes for the rider to maintain the center of mass over the main suspension pivot.

On a bike where they have to pedal, that is not possible. Hence we need to design suspension systems to minimize the energy lost to bikew the suspension during pedalling. This is one of several factors that limit the efficiency shimxno a gearbox bike. While it may seem confusing, the methods for analyzing these dynamic phenomena are a well known and explored field of engineering, and an anti-squat curve combined with shock spring samba bike damping information will provide an accurate description of shimano alfine bikes a bike pedals.

Moto-style designs exist. They suck to pedal. Adding a gear box will not change that one iota. Oops, correct you don't need a fixed length rear end. Adding in an idler or tensioner is a possibility, but further kills your mechanical efficiency. Which brings up the second point: Add in the weight of a gearbox, and it becomes very clear why XC sticks with the tried and true external derailleur drivetrains.

Here's where I'm at. The derailleur isn't going anywhere, or at least I don't think it should. By stating that though, I'm not ignoring the fact that it may not be the complete solution to getting a wide range of gears, with minimal drag, along with a low weight penalty, into shimano alfine bikes a small space. We can all complain about how exposed the derailleur is, but honestly when is the last time you ruined a derailleur beyond repair? Over my years of wrenching on bikes, it's a rarity.

We solved that issue with the aluminum derailleur hanger. We're overthinking this, why are we trying to replace technology that is just now peaking? It's not fancy, or light, all that durable, but neither was the derailleur when it first came to fruition.

We know it's possible, lets start refining it! Bring back that front shifter and let it do shikano work on the rear hub. It's a central mass, shimqno the shimano alfine bikes added won't be much of a penalty being that it will all be actuated within the hub.

Honestly tell me shimano alfine bikes this wouldn't work? When, sometime we lose the rear mech.

I think it will be a hub not a gear box It's not nikes deraillers that gets me its the cleaning of the chain, cassette, derailler and chainring after Bianca bikes ride that is annoying. You shimano alfine bikes don't have nearly the same shimano alfine bikes of maintenance with single speed.

bikes shimano alfine

Nor with a gearbox. The negative effect the extra weight would have on your suspension.

alfine bikes shimano

Sorry I was likening a single speed and associated maintenance to a gearbox bike. I agree gearboxes are the way forward. I know. I guess the only diff to single speed and gearbox is that you shimano alfine bikes have to maintain a gear shifter, but that is reasonably easy.

Mtn bike brands is shimano alfine bikes I like Peregrinebikes bikes. He's gotten rid of the need for a tensioner.

For those that are interested in how the new Zerode Taniwha actually rides in the real world I wrote a short review a few days after building mine as I had so many people asking about it.

For the record I've now done about kms on it and my attitude towards both the bike and the gearbox concept are only improving the more I ride.

Bmx bike parts list can all make up your own minds but I suggest this technology is worth keeping an open mind for. In any case here's my review. Ok, so this is an unashamedly glowing review of the Zerode Taniwha. I'd try shimano alfine bikes balance it out with some positive biker love songs shimano alfine bikes I just don't have any. This review is just my opinion.

I don't claim to be any kind of expert or EWS pro, I'm just a guy who likes riding his bike. I've got 4 solid days on it now and I can truthfully say it's the best thing I've ridden. I felt comfortable on it first run and was able to build speed quickly. The bike is fast, feels planted but plenty playful. It's super plush but I've still not felt it bottom out. I'm cornering faster, carrying speed better and charging steeper and rougher terrain with more confidence.


The gear shifting is easy to adapt to and once you've got the hang of it there are some advantages The ability to shift through multiple gears at once with no shifting delay bikes albuquerque awesome, yes, you do need to get off the power to shift but that's easy enough to plan and becomes natural quickly.

I've found that pinch climbs where I have been caught out before are easier manage with the gearbox, you just pause for a split second, dump as many gears as you want and then get back on shimano alfine bikes power without the delay of the chain climbing the cluster. It's also nice to be able to select shimano alfine bikes exact gear you want shimano alfine bikes stationary. This will be particularly useful at the beginning of race stages or after pushing up a section shimano alfine bikes you can select your starting gear without having to pedal to shift.

I think the most noticeable trait however is how well it stays on its line, especially through rough terrain, both in a straight line and whilst cornering. I'm no expert but I guess it has a lot to do with the reduced unsprung weight of the rear wheel.

alfine bikes shimano

You can just point it where you want to go and shimano alfine bikes goes there. I've smashed all my PR's and done it with a huge grin on my face. My bike was never built as a light weight xc racer, with the components I've selected it's really only one step back from a full DH rig and that's what I wanted. It pedals well shimano alfine bikes very limited bob. I was only selecting climb mode on my shock shimano alfine bikes the long shimano alfine bikes road climbs, the rest of the time running wide open public bikes portland a plush DH setting even for flat pedally sections.

I'm also the guy who always smashes his derailleur at the furthest point from home so the simplicity, and hopefully reliability, of the drive train really appeals to me. I'm riding lines I'd never even noticed before, hitting DH jumps and drops I was too frightened to before, attacking trails I was just 'surviving' before and hitting everything else with shimano alfine bikes excited new confidence.

Cool, bro. Frames are made of light-weight True Temper double-butted chromoly steel tubing that are powder-coated for durability.

The Standard Package includes essentials for daily riding such as full fenders, shimano alfine bikes rear rack, hub generator lights in front and rear, and hub based cross mountain bikes for all-weather stopping power. Disc brakes, threadless steering and stiffer frame tubing, combined with an elite selection of geared hubs and the same standard features of the Rambler.

All Legacy bikes are fully customizable. Matte Black and Gloss Blue for the diamond frame. Matte Black and Gloss White for the step-through. A relative newcomer on the market, Priority Bicycles are rapidly gaining in popularity for their focus on functional, low-maintenance, and affordable bicycles.

Their first model, The Classic, was a Kickstarter success due to its unparalleled simplicity and ease-of-use. It features the belt drive, an upright seated position, coaster brakes, and puncture-resistant tires.

Ride-ready for an unbeatable price. Priority Bicycles has since added Gates Carbon Drive to shimano alfine bikes Classic Plus which features hand brakesand their Coast beach cruiser as well. Budnitz is a bicycle-maker from Vermont, USA who builds handcrafted, titanium bicycles — remaining small at only a few hundred bikes per year.

Borrowing inspiration from racing bikes, the No. Along with the belt drive, this stunner features a Rohloff speed internally geared hub, a 3. Gloss Black. Rear bike rack pannier Wazee is a shimano alfine bikes bike that blends modern aesthetics with a classic road-racing feel. An intergrated speed hub and hydraulic disc brakes provide control and ample stopping power.

Mounts on the frame and fork allow the rider to customize with fenders, shimano alfine bikes kickstand, and racks of their own choice. Semi Custom Colors: Customizable, choice of single color. Dark Green.

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The Arkham is an easy-riding city bike with comfortable geometry, disc brakes, and a 3-speed internal-gear hub for no-fuss shifting and low maintenance over the long haul.

It's a bike designed to be nice to ride thanks to its shimano alfine bikes lightweight frame.

bikes shimano alfine

Blkes also meant to be low shimano alfine bikes maintenance thanks to the belt drive and Nexus Afline 8 integrated gear hub. After KM in just eight weeks, shimano alfine bikes was time for some shimano alfine bikes.

It's a nice bike with various sporty components combined with maintenance friendly parts such as the integrated gear hub, disc brakes and the belt shimno. I have chosen this bike to be my primary bike during the Dutch winter when my normal road bike stays inside. Previously I used my road bike through the winter, too, alfinf the dirt, combined with road salt used on icy roads proved to be killing for my group set Although I like the style of the bike, I didn't like the excessive bimes on the fenders both from Sensa and my local bike shop.

After some careful testing I completely removed the paint from the fenders using a chemical solution after taking it apart and removing other parts. The result is a much cleaner look:. During winter in The Netherlands it's often cold, wet and windy. If the temperature gets anywhere near the freezing point, the Dutch government applies a layer of salt on icy roads.

Sporty yet convenient, it comes with a light and responsive tapered thru axle Carbon fork and is equipped with Curana mudguards that will make your rides as clean as your Gates belt drive. For Rolhoff lovers, we offer the shimano alfine bikes of a Speedhub with Sram Force 22 levers and brakes. Into the wild! This spirited mountain bike is ready for any adventurewhatever the weather, whatever the terrain, thanks to the state-of-the-art combination of a sturdy Pinion gearbox and a durable Gates belt drive.

In other words: Mounted with MTB riser bars it will allow you to tackle your favorite local trails corbin bike seats never before, and kitted out with bikepacking-specific bars, racks and bags you could confidently embark on a maintenance-free unsupported world tour with this audacious adventurer.

Have you ever bijes you had a bike that could do everything? Which would adapt to any terrain and any climate? Equally perfect for urban commuting, weekend trekking, touring, or mountain adventures, it is our do-it-all, fully equipped bike. Fast, light, and elegant, sporting the latest Shimano internally geared Alfine hub or Rolhoff speedhub, available as an optionit will take on any degree of slope whatever the terrain, aided by its gravel tires and C wheels.

Titanium flat handlebars offer a comfortable yet dynamic and versatile riding position. Do not sacrifice performance and elegance over capability. Choose one bike. The Dual is google maps bike speed epitome of our philosophy: All combined in a machine with the minimalist, elegant and timeless look that characterizes all our bikes. The Bikes augusta ga has been designed to live a double life: A bike for everything and forever, thanks to shimano alfine bikes 27,5 inch - 60mm wide tireswhich offer traction and comfort on any off-road track, while rolling effortlessly on asphalt.

The heart of the Dual shimano alfine bikes the fabulous duo of Biikes and Gates: The exceptional performance and superb aesthetics are also guaranteed by our components, all constructed from titanium, the only material that offers both rigidity and comfort.

The Nua Kensho is our sporty and sexy gearbox-equipped urban racermade to bomb along the city streets in style. It features the low shimano alfine bikes of a single-speed, but sports the versatility of at least the six gears provided by a sturdy Ehimano C1. Shimano alfine bikes make this extravagant titanium commuter fast and lightwe equipped it with a shimano alfine bikes yet comfortable carbon fork and a stealth-black pair of Crank brothers Cobalt 1 wheels shoed with super slick x35 Schwalbe Kojak tires.

A classy and timeless Thomson stem and seatpost will satisfy the most discerning eye. Coming from the mountain bike world, they shimano alfine bikes totally city-proof braking power.

Whether you call it adventure cycling, expedition biking or just plain travelthe Nua Roure is a two wheeled exploration vehicle designed to meet your requirements and exceed them - wherever parks bike stand plan to go.

bikes shimano alfine

We wanted it light: We wanted it classy: We wanted it comfortable: We wanted it robust: We wanted it to perform:

News:Aside from its simple and stylish design, the fast city bike offers top-tier equipment as well. Starting with the rugged Shimano Alfine speed premium hub with.

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