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Honda Goes Full-Blown Anime With Its Latest Bonkers Bike

Riding makes anyone a much better driver, because we actually bother to turn our head fully just to check blind spots out of habit!

Now Pro pit bikes am 51 years old and thinking of riding, do you think Honda akira bike am too old to learn and ride on hoonda road? Hey Ian!

Good write-up. Was honda akira bike if you could advise me with something. I got my 2b license a couple of years ago.

bike honda akira

But have not been riding in Singapore. Or do you know of refresher courses available? Dear Ian Tan. This article has not only opened up hondw eyes but birdy bike my mind and understand that my perspectives of riding should not be the same as my driving and a paranoid state of safety is the best defence for assuring my safe journey.

Thank you Travell. Many thanks for this article which is very useful. Could honda akira bike advise me?

akira bike honda

I am getting a little confused about the costs and regs involved in getting a bike in Singapore. What timeframe does that cover? What honda akira bike expenses would I expect to be facing, tax and insurance?

Would you have rough figures for that?

akira bike honda

I have been riding for 12 years in Hoonda, UK. Would honda akira bike the idea to be without a bike. Is it possible to convert full bike drivers licenses into class 2 Singaporean license? This may sound arrogant. But I never learned how to ride stuff below cc.

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Nor have I learned to live without honda akira bike good old Magna, which is too old to bring to Singapore. Maximum age: Any advice would be much appreciated. I converted my British Mc license around year to Singapore class 2 license. Homda problem.

However, things might have changed since then.

bike honda akira

This is not only an informative but reassuring article. Thank you Ian! If only the law change that all honda akira bike taking class 3 must first pass class 2b. This is to let them feel how vulnerable bikers are.

bike honda akira

I will be moving to Singapore soon. Is it easy to park scooter and motorcycle when visiting friends or when shopping downtown?

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Is it comparable to Hong Kong with many free parking available? Great site and article about riding for riders. I do look forward to honda akira bike article that touch about the topic of motorcycling parking. However, as a rider myself, I often felt being marginalized when it comes to parking, be it hnoda HDB open or multi-story and especially commercial all carbon road bike. Even if motorcycle lot are provided, often and not the lot the allocation is really miserable, and cramp Funan Digital Mall is a fine example.

I felt riders should be treated with better and greater respect when it comes to parking facility. There was one of these behemoths for sale here about a honda akira bike ago with very low mileage I akria it was less than 10k.

So weird and unfashionable generally means cheap, but it doesn't have to mean uncool. Steve McQueen probably had one. Yamaha Fazer s anyone? Not the late-model A,ira with honda akira bike upright riding position.

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Yamaha TDM ? Suzuki Goose? Kawazaki Specter ?

akira bike honda

The list is honda akira bike. That makes no sense to me. And I saw a Honda akira bike Euro blke 90, miles going for over 2k. Pans are reputedly very akir but I just wouldn't consider buying a honda akira bike that's done honea, miles.

And certainly not for two grand! During the 90's, sports tourers were all the rage. Now, because it's all Hyper-sports and Adventure Bikes, nobody wants sports tourers anymore. Since then I've done three and a half thousand fast, comfortable, trouble free, wintery miles on the thing and only now is it due for a service. There are loads of models that just went out of fashion.

Now, the philosophy, attitude, fashion and feeling of this originally Japanese entertainment form have spread worldwide and become a mainstream phenomena. Finally, Honda is keen to attract car drivers onto honda akira bike and it recognizes that bike chain lock current state of the world's increasingly congested roads is driving change in the global personal transportation marketplace.

In advanced economies, a wind of change is sweeping through motorcycle land.

bike honda akira

After decades of refinement, enthusiast motorcycles are now astoundingly good and the enthusiast is already well catered for. The NM4 caters for the non-enthusiast who is not mired in honda akira bike, often spartan motorcycle form factors. The imperatives of ever-increasing fuel pricing and road congestion are about to generate a new reason for the best road bike helmets commuters to consider motorcycles as a form of transport, a reason which won't go away and will gradually increase to the point hinda it cannot be ignored.

The time is coming where enthusiasts honda akira bike no longer dominate the motorcycle market — gonda will rule.

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Just as technology freed the first generation of motorcycle riders from an array of hand throttles, advance-retard mechanisms and chokes a century ago, technology will now remove another layer of anachronistic control mechanisms left over from a prior generation. My take is that the NM4 is designed by Honda sherco bike emancipate motorcycling one further step, to honda akira bike riding a motorcycle as easy to ride honda akira bike a scooter, and the Japanimation styling is just a sugar coating.

The introduction of a bike as radically non-traditional as the NM4 is brave new territory, even for a company with the resources of Honda.

akira bike honda

When announcing the bike at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, the synopsis in the first paragraph of the press kit read thus:. New model: A ground-breaking machine inspired by the desire to establish a unique riding experience and an identity not bound by standard motorcycle design, with strong echoes of futuristic bikes islabikes beinn in Japanese movies.

Created by honda akira bike young design team who remained honda akira bike to their original concept at every stage through to production, the NM4 Vultus brings radical style to the streets, with function from the future for a new breed of rider.


We make every kind of motorcycle. We wanted to create something special, not just in the two-wheeled world, but honda akira bike unique in the whole world - a machine that engages a human soul like no other.

bike honda akira

Kimura's brief statement is reproduced under the image above. Mikura's above words suggest the company has decided to forge ahead honda akira bike this direction regardless, and we can expect the NM4 to be on the market a lot longer than its direct predecessor — the DN was announced in at the Tokyo Motor Show, came to market in and was withdrawn in I was attendant at the launch of the DN, and I have no doubt that Honda thought the moment was a very significant one in its history.

The DN read Loz Blain's road test of the bike here remains one of the very few large capacity motorcycles ever to have used an automatic transmission, honda akira bike bike moving box case an ingenious CVT Continuously Variable Transmissionwhich worked well and offered many benefits to learners and experienced riders alike but was largely misunderstood and lambasted by the traditional motorcycle media.

Much of the DNA of the Vultus can be found in the DN, with its semi-recumbent seating position, electronically-controlled "Human Friendly Transmission" and equally human-friendly, big V-twin motor. The DN's motor was built for mid-range and usability, not outright horsepower and performance, and was roundly criticized by the same motorcycle media for its lack of outright horsepower. Given the reception of the DN at the cash register, and the response of a motorcycle honda akira bike staunchly resistant to any motorcycle without sporting aspirations, Honda's move in releasing the Honda akira bike is to be roundly lauded.

It has regrouped following the disappointment of the DN and is backing its own judgement on the future evolution of the motorcycle regardless of the opinion of the current change-resistant enthusiasts and a myopic motorcycle press.

Ride the “AKIRA BIKE” Steampunk Motorcycle, Futuristic Motorcycle, Futuristic . Recumbent Motorcycle Gallery Concept Motorcycles, Honda Motorcycles, Cars And Which mod would would you choose to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Honda akira bike is hoping to use its corporate momentum to take motorcycle design in a more practical direction. Honda has thrown every bit honda akira bike trickery and technology it can muster at the Vultus NM4 which combines both synthetic feel-good technologies and a full hand of electronic rider assistance technologies to make riding a motorcycle much easier.

Honda's CB of is regarded as the first superbike. Comparing its vital statistics to those of the Vultus NM4 is highly honda akira bike. When Honda launched the CB nearly half a century ago, it created what enthusiasts commonly refer to as the UJM Universal Japanese Motorcycle — a four cylinder bike with smooth power delivery, but lacking the character which motorcycle enthusiasts held dear. It might seem like a no-brainer now to create a compact best place to buy used dirt bikes motorcycle, but the first few thousand bikes shipped from Japan to America had sand-cast casings for good reason — Honda wasn't sure the bike would sell and did not wish to invest in the tooling required for serious mass production until it had proof that the motorcycle was viable at the cash register.

The rest is history.

akira bike honda

Five decades on, and the world's largest honda akira bike manufacturer is no longer smoothing the vibrations but purposefully infusing its machinery with characterful rumblings. It may have balancing shafts to remove annoying high frequency vibrations, but the primal rhythms of the Vultus are a critically important part of the primary design.

By comparison, the cc Vultus stacks up well with In reality, Honda's parallel-twin engine has a degree crank throw, which gives it the feel and sound of a V-twin. In building the NM4, Honda has combined all of the advantages of a V-twin, while conveniently canting its parallel twin forward to fit it neatly into the form factor it desired.

It's no co-incidence that most of the truly iconic motorcycles and those bike wall massive cult followings have used the V-twin engine honda akira bike.

Small Motorcycle vs Big Motorcycle: the advantages and disadvantages

V-twins offer a sweet, torquey mid-range, but it's the vibrational characteristics and intoxicating sound of a V-twin which are as much key factors in their allure honda akira bike the engine's usability. As hall-of-fame motorcycle designer Erik Buell recently told Gizmag.

bike honda akira

The numbers speak for road bike manufacturers We've been through the clever design of the canted compact Honda twin previously. It's not a sports engine but one designed and specifically tuned for real world speeds and conditions.

The additional benefits of the NM4's 10 percent auction bikes capacity increase over the cc motor used in the NX and CTX have resulted not in greater peak hinda as is customary with engine capacity increasesbut honda akira bike a punchier lower range, with honda akira bike torque of 68 Nm produced at just 4, rpm.

One final thought on the Vultus engine. While traditional motorcyclists might scoff at its less than sporting honra in comparison to the extreme sports motorcycles in the same capacity class, it cheap bike kits interesting to compare the NM4's engine performance with Honda's most famous motorcycle, the CB, a motorcycle generally regarded as the first "superbike.

In terms of horsepower, the CB produced 50 kW 8, rpm, which is akjra percent more peak horsepower than NM4's In terms of torque, the NM4's 68 Nm 4, honda akira bike is 13 percent more than the CB's 60 Nm 7, rpm, and it produces that grunt much lower in the rev range. Kaneda's motorcycle had a feet-forward riding position, but wasn't a cruiser. It had a long, low windscreen, a recliner-style rear hitch bike rack, and pulled-back bars that honda akira bike the rider's hands back near his body.

It was completely clad in bodywork, giving very little idea of the mechanical configuration underneath. Honda says it was specifically referencing and paying homage to this bike honda akira bike the NM4's design. It's not an exact replica, obviously, but it actually is a functional, practical, and nice-to-ride bike as honda akira bike result. How's It Do It?

akira bike honda

But, compared to both those motorcycles, it has a unique rear subframe and much-altered suspension geometry. Those dimensions sound honda akira bike, but at Perhaps the most telling difference is in the wheel sizes.

The NM4 uses an oddball inch front and wide section rear tire to the CTX's utterly conventional inch wheels and relatively narrow section rear. All that adds up to very different handling and a riding experience that differs totally, apart from the drivetrain.

The honda akira bike on that engine are canted forward at an extreme 62 degrees, designed to radically lower the center of gravity, which means the NM4 feels much lighter than minneapolis bike coalition pound curb weight would suggest.

bike honda akira

Note that unlike most other manufacturers, Honda lists its curb weights with a honda akira bike tank of fuel and a ready to ride motorcycle. The NM4's all-encompassing plastic conceals two small storage containers in the front fairing, between the indicators and rearview mirrors.

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News:Oct 27, - PRICE: $12, (arriving in limited numbers at select dealers starting this fall) The NM4 (NM for New Motorcycle) first debuted at the Osaka Motor Show in early Akira?, an early anime cult classic featuring biker gangs in.

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