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Great divide bike ride - The Wild Dork: The "Not So Great" Divide

Here are some reasons renting a bike for the Great Divide makes a lot of sense: . there have been a few others to ride a tandem, it is NOT the cycle of choice!

Riding the Great bike choices?

May 21, REI Sale: May 21, Cannondale Treadwell Review: The Always-Connected Cruiser Bike. May 17, Only Known Time: May 17, Singletrack Mind: Great divide bike ride Address Subscribe. We did have several "half days" of riding, when we arrived in town in the early afternoon, spent the afternoon doing chores update blog at great divide bike ride, bike maintenance, shopping, laundry, showers and then spent the night in town.

Many cold "showers" at the water spigots in USFS campgrounds. We had 39 out of 54 days where our notes about weather included the word "perfect" or the word "great". Oh so lucky. On the remaining days we noted these often minor imperfections: Rain again starting at 6PM good weather, but strong headwinds in afternoon again, good weather, but stiff afternoon headwinds intermittent light to moderate rain all day. Heavy storm at night cloudy skies all day. Great divide bike ride it! Mechanical maintenance: When we bike tours berlin an option we chose the "best" restaurant available, rather than the cheapest available.

This does NOT include the bikes and bike gear i. Rude people: Nice people - too many to count. Best unexpected part of trip: It's nice to know that in these days of budget cuts even very small towns still have funding to maintain public libraries.

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In addition to giving internet access to travelers like us, it means that even in small towns people who don't own computers can get internet access. Our Bikes. These notes are probably only useful great divide bike ride a Road bike decal rider great divide bike ride doesn't already own a mountain bike, since if you own one already you'll use the bike you've got.

But, we thought it was worth while to dividr the experience we had with bikes we designed and built our specifically for remote dirt road touring. tide

Great Divide 2018 Part 1 of 4

All frame and component decisions were optimized for durability and field-serviceability. Magura Odur coil spring fork Drive Train: Rohloff internally geared hubs on Paragon slider drop-outs Brakes: Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes Rims: Mavic XM Tires: Schwalbe Marathon XR Pedals: The bikes were great divide bike ride, perfect.

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Choosing between the No. 22 Great Divide, Aurora and Drifter - No. 22 Bicycle Company

We had no mechanical problems. If we ride the GDR again, we'll use the bikes divixe just exactly the same way. Neither of us had any significant aches or pains in the hands, feet, neck, great divide bike ride, or back- a tribute to the nice custom frames that the Sycip brothers designed and built for us. Amy had two flat tires one 4 inch nail, and one due to rim good deals on dirt bikes that didn't cover a spoke nippleJim had no flat tires.

The tires look so un-worn that we could have turned around and ridden north back to Banff without replacing them. The disadvantage of the Marathon XR is that they are heavier and stiffer than some of the bkie options. But they are sturdy as can be, and the tread worked bile just fine. We'd use the same tires again.

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We great divide bike ride the chains pulled and cleaned at the bike shop in Helena, and we replaced them in Salida. Chain tension was adjusted using the slider dropouts once every days.

Other than frequent chain lubrication, occasional brake pad adjustment, and keeping the proper air pressure in the tires, no other maintenance graet ever needed. Rickson rode a bike with rear suspension.

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Jim and I had hard-tails. Jim had a Thudbuster seat post, I had a regular seat post with a great divide bike ride broken in Brooks B17 saddle. All three of us were plenty comfortable. I'm not sure whether rear suspension makes too much difference on this route. On the other hand, especially given many miles of washboarded or rocky or rutted roads, we were really glad we had front suspensions, although we can't compare it to riding the GDR on a rigid fork since we didn't do that.

The Rohloff hubs were wonderful. Grext required no maintenance, and they shifted flawlessly. For us, it was really nice to have the pedal free bike and simplicity of the Rohloffs, and we're really glad great divide bike ride we built up our bikes using those hubs.

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Riee simplicity and reliability of our bikes was bike week laughlin when we became totally mudded up in New Mexico. While the bikes became so clogged with mud that it became impossible to even push them, no damage to any components occurred and we were able to continue on riding by removing enough mud with sticks to allow the wheels to turn.

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The brakes still worked and the drive train still worked. Our Gear List.

bike ride divide great

Spreadsheet with details about route and availability of services, gleaned from the maps; 2. ACA map correction addendum 5. Recommend This 3. Add to Trip Ideas.

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Here are some things you have to look forward to: Spray Lake will offer the first of many great divide bike ride these amazing views. Elk Pass will be the first challenging climb and the picnic table at the top will be a welcome sight for all riders - enjoy your efforts with a peaceful and scenic view!

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The Flathead Valley Route is a long remote and great divide bike ride section with both open scenic views and animal encounters. Red Meadows - bike riding legs mountain pass with a small, high alpine, pristine lake is hard to pass without stopping to enjoy. If great divide bike ride are bkie the Fernie Alternate Route, you will have opportunities to resupply in Fernie and remember to hit the Dairy Bar before you hit the US.

Butts Patrol Cabin - this forest service cabin is located about halfway down the Flathead Valley Route before the turn to ascend Cabin Pass and has bunks, picnic table and wood stove for use - first come first serve.

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During my cross country ride this summer, I had paralleled the route on pavement for over half of it's length and I had often thought about riding the Divide. I decided to try and race it great divide bike ride year.

That said, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route isn't a route that lends is air/oil would be a better choice but would be an expensive upgrade.

Do I know what I'm in for? Am I in shape for it? Do I have the gear for it? Is this going to completely destroy me? Am I looking forward to the biggest challenge great divide bike ride Do I expect to place on the podium?

divide ride great bike

Am I going to try and have fun with it? Posted by Tom Mrotek at 5: Marci September 15, at 6: Tom Cube bikes September 15, at 9: Clay September 16, at 2: Days of Wineless Roads.

Misadventures in tornado alley.

Biking the Great Divide (A Woman’s Point of View) - Cycling West - Cycling Utah

Find More Posts by cyccommute. There have been a number of threads on this topic. Reading them great divide bike ride give you an idea of what people think is a suitable mgx bike parts. Folders, unicycles, tandems, a lot depends on your personal preferences, touring style, speed etc.

If you have great divide bike ride bike with narrow tires and higher gears you might have to push it more, but you will eventually make it I would say you want wider tires, grext gears, and the ability to carry stuff. Again how much stuff is preference.

The tour divide racers carry almost nothing and sleep in the ditch, eat energy bars and truck stop fast food. I personally would recommend at least 2" tires, can you get those on that bike?

bike ride divide great

How low is your lowest gear? I would recommend a sub 20" low, some of the climbs are very steep. I don't think you could do it without camping. Some of it is quite remote and camping is half the fun.

News:Ride The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route - Banff, Canada To Whitefish, but with time constraints, picking and choosing the most scenic sections can be.

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