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Our passion is providing world class electric bikes with unbeatable value for quality. to collectively hand pick each component for the optimal rider experience. Each bike is completely hand built in our California warehouse from our master. Blog presenting statistics on a variable you have the choice of showing the average of all values, or just average amounts when the varlable is greater zero. That way if you want to know your average pedal cadence for instance, you ignore all the times when you coasting or stopped from bringing the average down. As mentioned previously, this software was written to operate side on your browser very much a stand alone application and does not any with our servers.

However, if you would biker clubs in michigan to upload your trip to the web and provide a link to share it with others, we have provided that functionality as well.

When you click the button "Upload Trip", the software will transfer all the statistics and saved sections to hosted on web and will provide a URL that you can give to anyone to view this trip log.

You'll be given the option to provide a name and to choose between uploading the entire trip or just the currently selected section. We recommend the trips uploaded to sections of 1hr or less in order to reducing the and lag times. You'll be warned if uploading a very large file. Cookies on the are used to maintain a history of recently uploaded trip URLs in case these are lost, the "Recent Trips" mens bike clothes bring up a quick drop down list of these.

Bikes albuquerque provide 3 different options for the horizontal axis of the graph plots which can be useful in circumstances. It's to note that Cycle Analyst does not transmit when it is inside the setup menu. If over the course of a trip you enter the setup menu to change a and then leave it, the log file will be missing data from bike shop concord nc period, while GPS file will keep accumulating, the result will be a CA file and file loosing sync at this point.

If you are logging on trip, we recommend turning the ebike off and on after changing anything in the CA's setup menu in order to start a new data and GPS that are properly synchronized. Hub drive. Around CAD. bravo or Yukon limited. These guys are ten minutes from my house.

Around - CAD. I probably would need road tread tires if I brought the Yukon though. Nice guys in person btw. Giant quick e plus. Mid Around CAD Haibike?? Another option is a watt front conversion kit on my hard tail.

Are they road legal in Canada?

Is this enough Surface ?? Any advice appreciated on reliability key suitability and such is appreciated. Hub over mid drive etc?

Support is important too if needed by vendor. I am trying to arrange test rides for all. There are three pretty ebikes.cq new additions the feature set since I first posted this link a week ago. first person to point out all 3 of them gets, I dunno, Alright guys, click on http: I cant move my Grade slider, but will scroll throw this thread a few more times.

Just need the one turn count as we can adjust the now. Totally cool Justin! Joe90 wrote: It's just the the kv adjustment is limited and wish to experiment hub as mid drive maybe wind it with 1T 911 bike ride of 5T but gear it I can generate then 5x the power knowing that a motor is torque machine.

Did anyone spot improvements 2 and 3? way a 2wd system can be analysed Thanks for time to educate me I did not take time to do thorough tough about the whole system. The min max output range should adjusted to correspond to the throttle small toddler bike range of the controller to ensure the controller is driven to max at operator throttle and is completely OFF the operator throttle is closed.

Ramping options can help achieve smooth power engagement and remove the aggressive edge from powerful motor systems. It should be about 0. The motor bike rack value of 1. Most controllers will achieve full output between 3.

The CA3's Max Out must be than this controller fault or the controller shut off at full For safety reasons you would leave this at a high value so that the system can shut off promptly, but there can be times where a slower disengagement of motor power is preferred.

Ebrakes cut power immediately and this setting. This setting is popular for smoothing out the harsh kick on powerful systems.

Values of 0. This be used to achieve a smooth PAS power application while still allowing for a fast response with the throttle.

Operation is otherwise as with UpRate. dual rate approach allows the Throttle output to quickly reach a level that starts having a measurable effect on the motor before then dropping to the normal Up or PAS rate

Cit-E-Cycles is Canada's largest electric bike specialist with shops in Victoria, unanswered questions, or maybe you're still not sure which bike to choose.

This eliminates lag for a ramped throttle output to catch up with the bike you apply the throttle and are already moving. For controllers with built-in ramping as eZeeor sensorless controllers that have a startup routine delay, a lower FastRate rate be required to prevent overshoot.

This setting compare bikes be quite low for direct drive hub, such as A. However, for gear motors or, the setting should be a bit higher than the no-load current required to accelerate japan bike touring from stopped, typically to 4 Amps.

The CA can be configured with a speed limit to cut motor power when the bike bike windshield limit. This speed limit is as PID controller and there are three gain terms that may need to be tweaked to achieve the desired when the bike hits the limit point. Surging or oscillation at the speed limit setpoint or power cutouts hard acceleration bikes are indications that speed gain adjustments are needed.

The CA rolls back throttle output voltage whenever speed exceeds this setting. This is useful for RC drives or systems with sensorless controllers that do work well from a dead start.

The rider must pedal the bike up to before power is applied. This feature supports European pedalec legislation which requires pedaling the bike for motor power, but which provides exemption below a certain speed e.

Applies only if a PAS device installed. Just choose the nearest motor in terms of size, type (geared vs DD), and power level, and then.

Speed limited exclusively by reducing power. Above the speed limit the motor power is reduced to zero, but regenerative is not applied allowing the rider to continue to coast or pedal above this speed limit.

Regenerative braking is used to enforce the speed limit setpoint. This means that regen may engage automatically when descending shimano road bike review even the rider applying the ebrakes.

This feature requires a controller 0.

Grinfineon or Phaserunner. Lower values give smoother control and less likelihood of hunting, but can the time it takes for the speed limit to stabilize.

This adjusts the correction for accumulated 'past' speed error. If set 0. This adjusts the correction the 'present' speed error. This is to dampen speed oscillations by determining the ability of the to scale back power in anticipation of breaching the speed limit due to acceleration towards that limit.

Values in the range seem work well, but lower values are often required for vehicles capable of hard acceleration. This adjusts the correction for 'future' anticipated speed errors. These settings configure power and current limits for ebikes.c ebike. The Cycle Analyst cannot increase the natural limit the system, so setting the CA current limit to 40A will have no effect if you have a 20A motor controller.

However, you could kids trials bike for sale it limit current to only 15A to over-taxing a small battery that is not rated to deliver full 20A discharges. the Amp and Watt limits have associated feedback gains that may need to be a quick response without oscillation or surging.

It ebikes.c very similar effect as a current, except that the resulting power does does not change with variations in battery voltage. This is typically set to no more the battery voltage times the smaller of the controller back fender bike limit or the continuous current rating of the battery. If neither of those features are used, this setting can be left at the ebikes.c value.

This affects the current limiting response and can have a noticeable effect throttle behavior when operating in Current Throttle mode. If this setting is too high, the system may prone to surging and oscillation while maintaining power, while low of a value can result in a sluggish response. Typical values behaved WGain ebikes.da These settings tell the Cycle the physical characteristics of the installed pedal device. If there is a torque sensor, it must also know how the torque signal is scaled meaningful units of Newton-meters.

These one-time settings made at installation time; the way the PAS device operates is achieved by the PAS Configuration Settings the next section. There is no PAS device installed. Basic PAS: The sensor is a simple cadence sensor, which provides pulses when the cranks are pedaled.

Both 1 wire only with fwd pedaling and 2 wire quadrature signals are supported. Row Bike: The sensor is a simple cadence wheel for a rowing bike, with signals to distinguish forward reverse motion.

Rather than computing the RPM based on rotation speed, the CA instead displays the strokes per minute based on how mountain bike for jumping there dawes bikes direct a direction reversal of the cadence wheel.

Custm TRQ: The sensor is either a custom device type with unique settings or one of the preconfigured types below. Sempu BB is manufactured with 2 bike storage interface The version selectable here has the '2-wire' interface distributed by Grin. This is equal to the number of on simple magnetic ring cadence wheels. This setting is populated automatically when known type is selected, and must be set correctly for accurate display of human pedal RPM.

The signal may pulse only on forward pedal rotation with just a wire, or it may also indicate direction of rotation which requires two wires. This setting determines the number of input wires that carry cadence pulses so the CA can best use the available information.

This setting is populated automatically when a sensor is selected.

For devices that sense torque on only one side of the crank, the value should be doubled to simulate the net left and right pedal torques. The value can be set either positive or and is populated when a known sensor type is For Sensors, additional is required and may be initially guesstimated as the number of teeth on the front chainring. This option is present only for torque sensor types.

The right button should be pressed with the pedals unloaded zero torque which configures a new zero-torque voltage from the present live torque voltage.

Intro To Ebikes

This is when the button is released. These settings configure how the ebike system to pedal action when a PAS device is installed. devices can be adjusted for a wide range of performance and these settings are used bike seatpost shock absorber tune the PAS system to personal taste for basic pedal cadence sensing as well as more advanced torque devices.

The use of an Auxiliary Input device is to increase or decrease the assist level on the fly while riding.

New updates to motor simulator to try out - Endless Sphere

In all cases, is enabled only the throttle is off, and is immediately overridden by control if throttle is applied. No Assist: No assist is provided of any kind. This can be useful for simple sensor wheels in locales where regulation imposes a pedaling requirement to enable throttle operation, but where PAS assist is not desired.

Basic Pwr: When pedaling is detected with no applied throttle, the motor delivers a constant power assistance equal to the power configured by StrtLevel. This power can be further modified to increase or decrease with pedal cadence according to the ScaleFctr setting. Basic ThO: This mode can be used instead of Basic Pwr mode with controllers to have PAS level set the approximate cruising speed of the bike rather than the motor power.

It can also be used to have cadence based control of motor torque with torque throttle controllers such as the Phaserunner. In this mode, the road bike speedometers power scales in proportion to the human power as measured by the torque sensor. The StrtLevel term sets the minimum pedal power required to start the raleigh bike frame assist, and the ScaleFctr sets how much each additional watt of human power is then multiplied by motor.

Basic Pwr Sets the baseline power assist delivered when pedaling without the throttle. If there is a ScaleFctr term to further vary the assist with cadence, then this is the power output up to 50 rpm.

It can be nice set Bike repair scottsdale to comfortable background assist and then use the throttle whenever full power is needed.

If there is a ScaleFctr to vary the the assist with cadence, this is the throttle percentage up to 50 rpm. For most ebike controllers, this sets an percentage the maximum vehicle speed under pedal

For torque throttle controllers, it allows PAS to control the motor torque Sets the threshold power before proportional torque assist begins to be applied. instance, if set to watts then there will be bike hitch receiver assist when pedaling lightly but proportional assist will begin when rider effort exceeds W. This value can be set negative, has the effect of providing motor assist when turning the cranks even with no additional proportion power increases from this baseline with effort.

Sets how much the PAS power level varies with pedal cadence above bike stand for stationary riding. Negative values can be used for single speed bikes to more power at low speeds and less as the speeds up.

A setting of 0 has means that the output power is regardless of changes to pedal cadence. Sets how much the throttle output with pedal cadence above 50rpm. Recommended ebikes running Phaserunner or other torque throttle controller to increased motor torque when downshifting.

Sets the proportional assistance multiplier that is ebi, based on your power pedal input. For instance, a setting of 2. The human pedal ebi, undulates with each turn of the cranks so the signal must be averaged to 20 folding bikes for convenient travelling corresponding pulses of motor torque.

Higher values yield smoother power assist at the cost slower response to changes in pedal effort. It can set in multiples of half pedal rotations for torque sensors that measure both left and right pedal force eg TDCM. If set to a period, assist will begin sooner when starting from a standstill, but there will also a longer delay before the motor cuts out if pedaling stops within a revolution. Sensors with more poles give brisker response because the CA gets sensor pulses more quickly, and can use times.

If the time between pedal events is longer than threshold, the CA will assume that pedaling has stopped and will cease power assist. Short values result in more immediate cutout in power, while longer values allow for pedal assist even at slow pedal speeds. Sensible values are usually ' 0.

The CA can optionally monitor temperature signal via the 2-pin plug and automatically scale back motor power as temperature crosses a threshold and heads towards the MaxTemp setpoint.

When temperature limiting in effect a special icon appears on the main screen that shows the relative temperature the ThrshTemp to MaxTemp range.

News:You guys might remember Grin (or better known as from my article on . choose which battery you want to charge and adapt the charger for any pack.

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