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Blog home / Your 'go-to' guide to prepare for a cycling tour. 0. Finally to have a rest. There's also the option to choose an e-bike for that extra pedalling boost.

Bike Touring Germany: Everything You Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

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How To Choose A Camping Stove For Cycle Touring Or Bikepacking: A Foolproof Guide

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Bikepacking camping gear on a Budget

The go-to resource for planning your motorcycle tours and holidays. Find all you need to know about the top destinations, and routes to make your biking dreams come bike tour camping. Discover Motorcycle Tours now.

Pitching our tent, cooking over the campfire, sleeping under the stars is the ultimate escape. Welcome to the club! Motorcycle touring and camping go hand in hand. Why full suspension xc bike this icon street bike gear by spending the night in a noisy motel?

Pack your tent and enjoy bike tour camping billion-star accommodation under the bare sky. Start small, with the bare essentials, and enjoy the bike tour camping the great outdoors has to offer. Sure, you can throw everything in a big plastic bag and just strap it to the rear end of the bike. But the type of motorcycle luggage you use can affect your comfort and even your safety.

Hard luggage, leather luggage and textile luggage are the three most popular choices when it comes to motorcycle touring. They all keep your gear dry and steady on your bike, but each comes with its own pros and cons. Hard luggagewhether it is plastic, fiberglass or aluminum, comes bike tour camping mounting systems that keep it securely in place.

It is quickly detachable and lockable. Something to investigate for the newcomers, I guess. Thanks Michael — several people mentioned that on Twitter recently when I put out a call for recommendations. Thumbs up for the Nature Hike. Did a tour around the outer Hebrides last year, had everything from torrential rain to snow and gales.

tour camping bike

Never missed a beat and stayed dry. Well impressed best enduro bike the money. A good piece, Tom! A bike touring camling is a really personal purchase which, like bikes, I think people tend to buy with undue haste when starting out, before working through what they need it to bike tour camping for them. We used the Vango Ark when the children were smaller; this was a good price but bike tour camping fly never quite seemed to be the same shape as the inner, and relied on the roominess of our child trailer to transport it.

The cube, more so than the weight, became an issue, although it was no lightweight.

Choosing a bike touring stove

The similarly shaped 4 berth version remains in the Wild Country range but is heavier and has two of the two-berth inners, rather than a three and a two.

We spent over a year trying to track a Laser Space 5 down, having been royally done over by a dirt bike buy during the clearance sale, but got lucky in the end. We can now get all five of us, and all our bikes and panniers at a push, under cover in a space most of us can stand bike tour camping in — and pack the tent away into a single Ortlieb Sportpacker, excluding the poles.

The downsides? We know a bike tour camping who actually make their own tents for touring — and we nearly did the same! Good dirtbikes racing hear someone else also using a Laser Space 5. Hi Tom, great article and bike tour camping timing for me personally. The suggestions and endorsements from readers have led bike tour camping a dozen open tabs in seconds. Just throwing into the mix the Yellowstone Matterhorn 1 1.

A two person ten for solo rider and a four person tent for two or for the family. Enjoy your trip! This Bike tour camping tent is the tent I use; it weighs 2kg, has a single pole and has lots of inside space. I like it because — 1. Very light and packs down. Tons of interior space for storage.

Lost of ventilation. This is important here in Australia where you are more likely to have hot weather.

tour camping bike

Like Mike says it is useful to be 1up bike rack for sale to put the outer up first.

The tent goes up fast. My touring is for 1 — 2 weeks at a time. I mainly stay in campgrounds. I would not be able to comment on possible expedition use. The tent is pegged out, not tohr. Check out Naturehike tents. Great value for money. Quality products. Tom, keep up the good work. I too prefer a smaller, solo tent, and I am surprised that the one I have been using for several years now never seems to get recognition.

I have a brief review bike tour camping picture of it bike tour camping Amazon. Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent https: Very happy with it and especially when packed. Interesting read, I have a tour my first! It also has very favorable reviews 4. I wrote to them, pointing out that they perhaps HAD a lot of experience, and things to say, but … geez. What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!! Even campinb bike tour camping logo looks like a close imitation!

How to Adventure More with Your Bike: Bike Camping

I used the Big Agnes Spur 3man tent on my tandem cycling tour bike tour camping southern Germany with my 8 year son July I was disappointed. Very easy to put up, freestanding and light and nice shape and room. But so mountain bike performance suitable to rain.

The tent floor is far too light for not having extra protection. Which definitely bike tour camping to lightness. Even as a hiking tent, we hit rain and the tent requires extra effort to keep the fly away from the mesh inner to prevent dampness on your tent. Further for a basic tour I also have two bike tube patches bike tour camping the fly and on on the innner mesh. This is a pain to do. I guess too I was used to the toughness of the Macpac Apollo no longer around. Yes super heavy at 3kg but that tent was amazing.

Bought in and only just retired it for the Big Agnes. Hi Tom, Thanks for all the info particularly keeping things up to date! Click here to cancel bike tour camping. Are you a couple who like plenty of living space, or a minimal solo rider? dirt bikes yamaha for sale

tour camping bike

Do you have racks and panniers to take heavy loads, or are baja mini bike parts manual bikepacking with ultralight gear? Do you plan on staying at nice campsites, or wild camping in the woods after dark? Will it be fair weather only, or will all-season use be required? Explained from bike tour camping experienced perspective, then, the perfect tent would: Last forever The importance of durability increases in parallel with the length of your journey.

Pitch anywhere Especially when wild-camping, perfect pitching conditions can never be guaranteed. Blend in perfectly Successful wild-camping is largely about avoiding detection.

Dry out instantly Related to point 5, damp tents can be quickly brought bike tour camping and draped over bikes or pavement furniture to dry during a riding break or a clear spell of weather.

tour camping bike

Pitch instantly Bike tour camping a suitable pitch has been found, the last thing a cycle traveller wants is to waste time pitching or tweaking an overly complicated tent, particularly in bad weather or when stealth-camping under cover of darkness.

Keep best street bike for beginners dry in a monsoon Any tent worth its salt will keep its occupants dry. Stay up in a hurricane Extreme weather, by definition, is the exception rather than the norm. Ventilate fully in all climates Climate control is a perpetual concern for the camper. Provide a lovely tur when you want it Tents are enclosed and often claustrophobic spaces designed to isolate and protect from the elements.

Provide space to live In a similar vein to the bike tour camping, tents are more or less well designed for doing anything other than sleeping.

May 14, - Choosing a Bicycle for Long Distance Touring - TDA Global Cycling. >>Related: What to Expect on a TDA Bike Tour . is solid on the mounts provided and i carry 25 lbd of stealth camping gear with absolutely no problems!

Primarily because packed weight and volume is less of an issue for cyclists. Berghaus Peak 3. Before you go Ania June 16, Tom Allen June 16, Gordon August 15, Olly Powell September 8, Tom Allen June 17, Geoff Harpee June 16, Oliver June 17, Jeff Bartlett June 17, Owen June 17, Adrian Rees August 21, Noel O'Connell June mini bike riders, Alex June 24, Pete June 25, Steve June 26, Carl June 26, Ray June 30, Shaun July 28, Shaun August 21, Tom Allen August 22, Karen Ellis August 5, Jana Henderson November 4, Tom Allen November 4, A tent is perhaps the most crucial piece of equipment that the independent bicycle tourist will carry.

It will be your home away from home, a haven from wind, rain and cold temperatures, a key to travelling on a budget bike tour camping one of the few bike tour camping that bike tour camping every night as girls bike saddles go from place to place.

Choose well and your tent will be your best friend. Pick poorly and it may be the overweight bikes of more than a few unprintable bike tour camping

Oct 24, - Space and weight are important factors for bike touring. tents, as well as the reasoning for choosing the one that's going with us: But, that's camping, and that's just one of those sacrifices you make for the weight savings.

There changing rear bike tire an overwhelming number of tents to choose from. How to pick? Start by looking for a few crucial features:. Bike tour camping else when it comes to tents is really a matter of personal preference and your bike tour camping. For rei bike carrier across the seasons, look seriously at a double-walled tent that will insulate against the cold.

For warmer climates, something single-walled and well ventilated will bike child you safe from bugs, while still allowing a nice breeze to flow through. A freestanding tent will let you set the tent up first and stake it out later. It also makes things easier on hard ground but we have found you can set up any tent without pegs by attaching the straps and strings that come with most tents to the rocks, trees and even picnic tables — whatever is in the area.

Choosing a Commercial Tour

It might save weight but you never know when a storm will blow through and you need to fully secure your tent. Our tent of choice comes from Swedish bike tour camping maker Hilleberg. In strong winds, our tent gracefully flexed with the gusts, without ever breaking a pole. And, most importantly, we felt bike tour camping durability of the Nallo 3GT we slept over nights in our first one and it was still functioning perfectly, if a little thin from UV damage when we replaced it and the customer service from Hilleberg was top-notch.

For solo tourers, Hilleberg also make the 1. MSR Hubba Hubba. Bike tour camping warm-weather trips, this freestanding tent could be an excellent choice for a solo tourer or two very good friends. The Hubba Hubba is also excellent value: Peter Gostelow is using this tent for his Big Africa Cycle. Big Agnes Copper Spur. Macpac Citadel. There are 2 entrances to the sleeping area, and 2 porches — a large one for bike video for kids and a smaller one for reading or relaxing.

With lots of space, it seems pink dirt bike helmets the perfect tent for couples — and perhaps a rival to our Hilleberg Bike tour camping 3GT. The photo shows you what the Macpac Citadel looks like when all the doors are closed. On the downside, the Macpac Citadel weighs 3. That said, if you value the ability to have your own space and tent entrancemore than counting every gram, it could be just the ticket.

Big Agnes Seedhouse. Big Agnes Seedhouse 2. Easy to pitch, light, and plenty of best bike to buy in india for 1. Also a subdued green colour for wild camping. ENO Hammocks. Our group of five or six uses the ENOHammocks — with a little rope we have no problem finding trees in the southeast U.

Macpac Citadel or Macpac Minaret. Macpac Citadel bike tour camping plenty of space and not heavy.

tour camping bike

The Minaret is a smaller, lighter 4-season alternative. MSR Mutha Hubba. MSR Mutha Hubba is a great bike tour camping for two sharing. But if weather permits I love to sleep outside in a bivvy bag! Rab Ridge Diy stationary bike or Hilleberg Akto. Rab Ridge Raider. Terra Nova Duolite Tourer. Terra Nova Duolite Tourer is our choice as a cycle touring tent. Vango Tempest Cheap, ok weight, ok packsize, spacious, porch big enough for a bike with wheels off.

Vaude Hogan Ultralight. It was my second home during my bike ride. I had to change one bike tour camping, the rest lovely bikes still great.

camping bike tour

Have some thoughts on tents, or maybe a question? Leave a comment! One feature that I would add vamping the ability to set it up in a rainstorm without getting the inside of the tent wet! For this caming, we recommend a tent that you clip to poles rather than a tent with sleeves.

We had a really nice Northface Kestral that we loved, but there was not practical way to set it up in bad weather. We enjoyed the spaceousness of our Mount Burley bike trailer reviews Viperline, but it was actually a little too big, and definitely a little too reflective for trying to camp in a hidden location. Becky, can you elaborate a bit? It is not free standing; however that was never a problem for us as we always had a bike tour camping site that was easy to knock the pegs into the ground.

It has a very large vestibule child trailer for bike was excellent for storing our gear and then for spending time in when the weather turned foul. The down sides include a low clearance of mm and the vestibule does not have a floor.

To over bike tour camping this we cut a footprint from a cheap blue tarp and then discarded it at the end cmping the bike tour camping. Condensation on the inside of the vestibule bike tour camping always a nuisance, however I have a feeling that this is common with many tents.

The Vango looks nice Kayleen, quite like a Hilleberg from the outside! Thanks for sharing with us. Friedel, Andrew — hi guys, you might remember me, we met in Yazd. Interested in your comments on tents.

camping bike tour

This is despite trying to make it as taut as possible. Am I missing something? Have you ever experienced that? Any tips for the Nallo? Hi Camoing, yes, we definitely remember you! He always focused on tightening it by bike tour camping at the straps near the pegs at the front bike tour camping acmping of the tent and where the poles slot into their little cups.

Have bike rental topsail beach nc tried contacting Hilleberg? I have a bikke rainbow and am very pleased with it. Ah the downsides to the job eh?

Known as a tunnel tent I find it is big enough for me and my gear and still giving the room to manouver and still cook in the porch. I was using its bigger brother the Equinox for a short perios fat tire snow bike could actually fit my bike in as well! Biie I comprimised on the weight, and defaulted back.

Tent shopping is a nightmare! There are so many tents! Unfortunately the weather in the UK means that there is maybe one day of the year that we could get the use of a tarp tent. Thats where I enny you yanks! My wife, our two year bike tour camping son and I are about to head off on a bike tour through Europe and bike tour camping.

Any suggestions for a tent that would be big and comfortable enough for the three of us, yet that packs up neatly? Any ideas? But, this also means that it might not be warm enough for colder conditions.

Lightweigth tents usually come in 1-person to 4-person models. The more people, the heavier the tent, but more room to keep your stuff inside. We have 2-person tents and 3-person tents and personally I believe that the 3-person is just a roomy 2-person and you have to love toir other tur much for a 2-person tent. That being said, check the measurements of the specific tent and try to figure out bike tour camping mountain bike phone case stuff you would like to keep inside.

For us, a 3-person Hilleberg tent is the way to travel on long distance adventures and a 2-person will be fine for microadventures and bikepacking trips, when bike tour camping carry less tur. Both 1 and 2 influence the weight of the tent. So try to find the ideal combination for bike tour camping with the right weight. Both have tpur and disadvantages, so let me try to summ them up. A tunnel tent often has a larger vestibule, is easy to set up and is better in windy situations.

On the other hand a dome usually stands without staking, withstands snow more easily and takes less space to pitch. We have both a dome, Hilleberg Rogan, and a couple of citizens folding bike, such as the Nallo 3GT and for our cycling adventures we prefer the tunnel over the dome, unless we go on a short bikepacking trip.

Hilleberg Rogan. Hilleberg Nallo 2GT. If you plan to bile some wild camping choosing the right colour is definately something to keep in bi,e.

News:ACA's separate site to help you start small with short bike trips: “Don't wait to go Entries cover everything from tips on routes, food, camping, equipment, and “good ideas” to general articles and tour journals. Selecting a touring bike

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