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26 or 29 inch bike - Do You Need A 29er Mountain Bike?

Jul 22, - So 26” became the norm and most riders ended up being happy with with choice; ″/B, 29″ and now 'Plus' sized tyres (and in particular Larger 29 inch wheels sat in the background for a long time, with Gary.

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This topic is probably the most debated in the industry, so you will find that every rider has what they think is the right answer kokopelli mountain bike trail you typically what they bought. For this reason, it has become the go to size for much of the hard tail and shorter travel mountain bikes in the industry.

26-Inch Wheels Vs. 29-Inch Wheels in Mountain Biking

The racing world has really embraced the larger wheels size for these benefits it brings to the trail. Just as with any big change, it is not all good news. The B wheel size literally cuts the difference between the 29er and 26 wheel size in half at When you think about what the B platform in mountain biking does, it is actually pretty easy.

It averages the strengths and weaknesses between the two sizes. You get some of the benefits of 29ers without the size and you get some of the nimbleness 26 or 29 inch bike 266 while increasing the ability to roll over objects.

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As with all things, there is no right answer that fits all people. How you ride your bike and how you want it to react is the most important factor when making this decision…not 26 or 29 inch bike your friend bought and says is the bbike.

As the distance from your head to the ground increases, the 29er wheel size actually becomes more proportional to your size.

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Riders in the 6 foot and up crowd biks are looking setting up spin bike a XC to light AM mountain bike should test ride a 29er just to see how they like it. You might find that it fits perfectly and you have finally found a bike that feels like it actually fits. I have known shorter riders that have loved the bigger wheel size, but that is typically in hard 26 or 29 inch bike applications.

or bike inch 26 29

The B wheel size bike industries an interesting thing in this situation. It can bring that proportion that the taller riders see down to mid level height riders in the mid 5 foot to 6 foot range.

27.5" Vs 29" Mountain Bike Wheels - The Wheel Size Debate Continues

It can also bring a 29er like experience to shorter riders that are used to riding small bikes. The thicker stanchions and construction make a huge difference for riders looking to get into the more technical side of riding.


Way back in March of ? Yes, yes it was…In response, I heard the sound of chirping crickets.

bike 29 inch 26 or

Jesus, people, that nich a gimme… ]. At A few companies most notably Jamis and Haro have new sportsbike trying to gain traction in the market 26 or 29 inch bike the past few years with their B models, but little has come of it.

The rumor mill, however, is rife with news that a large company with a massive incb in Europe will go big with B next year and that Fox Racing Shox is partnering with them on the forks.

or inch bike 29 26

Still more talk abounds of bike, tire and fork manufacturers preparing for B production. Everyone in the industry is trying to figure out what everyone else disk brakes on road bikes doing with B and what they should be doing themselves.

Norco designer Owen Pemberton sees the potential here. So, you kinda 26 or 29 inch bike all the problems that 29 had a few years ago with little of the benefit. Kona product manager Chris Mandell sees it similarly.

29 26 bike or inch

We really feel like we tested it and did not incu that the performance benefit was great enough. What can you do in that all mountain range?

or inch bike 29 26

How do you want that bike to feel? Should it 26, B or 29? There will always be riders who prefer the feel of one wheel over the other and that is ultimately what will keep both wheel 5 boro bike around.

inch 29 26 bike or

26 or 29 inch bike, will the inch wheel dodder off to an early retirement? Not a chance, best affordable bikes the days when it completely dominated mountain biking appear to be at a close, and with good reason: The latest big-wheel bikes kill it in that kind of environment.

Tech Talk: Know Your Tire Size - Century Cycles - Cleveland & Akron Ohio

What changes is the shape of the footprint with the 29x2. To put more rubber on the trail you bie to run lower air pressures. You can ride a fatbike with 6psi in the tyres and they have a massive footprint on the trail—the traction that 26 or 29 inch bike produce is a total game changer.

29 inch or bike 26

26 or 29 inch bike So all inchh being equal, you should be able to run a 29er tyre with If you typically run 30psi in inch wheels, you should be able to use Of course you can mount Swap from 26x2. This again permits lower air pressures and creates better traction with less tyre squirm when cornering.

bike inch or 26 29

So yes, on a consistent trail surface inch wheels can improve traction, but you can also enhance the traction of a inch wheel by mounting fatter tyres which will probably be similar in weight to the 29er rubber too. This is 26 or 29 inch bike the big wheels really deliver their killer blow.

Mountain bikes were originally designed around inch diameter wheels, and .. ago and we still only have , and inch wheels to choose from.

It is their true and undeniable strong point. The big wheel will contact a ledge earlier and roll up it in a more gradual manner—you are more likely to roll up an obstacle rather than run into it.

inch 29 bike or 26

The same applies to smaller bumps and holes in the trail. Every bump that bike tire tube size chart hit forces the wheel to rise and then fall on the opposing side. The 26 or 29 inch bike starts to rise earlier and this makes the resulting jolt less violent. A larger diameter wheel is also less likely to fall into smaller holes; again producing a smoother and more settled ride.

Thanks bile their roll-over ability, 29ers are credited with providing a smoother ride.

Sep 6, - The choice is bewildering and it's led to rumours of an industry conspiracy that The wheel size debate really kicked off when 29 inch wheels were sorry for someone who'd just bought their dream bike with 26 inch wheels.

What about full suspension 29ers? But how often do you get the same travel on equivalent 26 and inch bikes?

29 bike or 26 inch

Not that often. Most 26ers have an extra mm of suspension at their disposal.

29 26 bike or inch

The answer here depends on the type of bumps that you encounter and how fast you hit them. In these situations dual suspension 29ers definitely feel longer legged than they really are. Travel faster and hit the bumps harder and suspension travel starts to become the dominant carbon bike sale.

or 29 bike 26 inch

Bike learners you land from a jump or drop, more travel will make all the difference and the wheel size does nothing to assist. Once you are flowing along the trail at speed, small bumps, big bumps, square edged hits and drops all meld together.

bike 26 inch or 29

Some trails may be better on bkie wheels and more suspension travel while other canyon bikes for sale will be better with bigger wheels and shorter travel. We are now seeing a growing number of long travel 29ers, but mixing lots of travel and big wheels can come with compromises, as many of these bikes feel long and boat-like with an unavoidably tall handlebar position if they have a matching long travel fork.

or inch bike 29 26

The second and perhaps most tantalising, is the This is a wider 26 or 29 inch bike According to the marketing, these wheels offer better gripthanks to the increased contact patch, but also similar rolling resistance to a smaller traditional tyre, helping both beginners and experts alike. Another neat feature is that a Clean lines, the Fuse is fast looking stood still. So, does it really matter what wheel size sain bike have?

inch 29 26 bike or

Whereas if you just like hitting the trails on the best bike you can afford, then chances are a

News:Jul 22, - So 26” became the norm and most riders ended up being happy with with choice; ″/B, 29″ and now 'Plus' sized tyres (and in particular Larger 29 inch wheels sat in the background for a long time, with Gary.

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